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Causes & Treatments of Lower Back Pain Right Side


Lower back pain right side is a widespread ailment, and it can be tough to deal with. However, right side pain in the lower back isn’t the only type of pain you might experience in your lower back. Right-sided pains are sometimes accompanied by left-sided pains or cramps in the lower back area.

This blog post will let you know what right side back pain means for you and how to take care of it effectively so that it doesn’t become an ongoing problem!


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Causes of Lower Back Pain Right Side


However, right-side back pains can have other underlying causes, which can warrant a trip to the doctor for an accurate diagnosis and successful treatment program. It’s important to know what some of the possible causes of right side back pain may be. Knowing about the possibilities can help you determine if you need to see a chiropractor or take an aspirin.


  1. Lower back pain right side can be caused by right-sided lumbar disc herniation. This means that the contents of a right-sided vertebra have become so compressed, they are poking through to the right side of your lower spine and causing you intense right-side back pains! Chiropractors will often diagnose this type of condition.
  2. Some other possible causes of your pain may be a herniated spinal nerve root. This can occur when the spine becomes infected or when it has been overstretched. If the spinal nerve root has become infected, there can be inflammation of the nerve and the surrounding tissues. If this is the cause of your pain, a doctor can relieve the inflammation and give you a right side back pain medication.
  3. Irritable bowel syndrome, also known as IBS, can cause right side back pain as well. This is a condition where your intestines become so sensitive that it makes them unable to absorb enough water, leading to right side back pain and even diarrhea.
  4. Gallstones can also cause right side back pain. The blockage of bile ducts in the gallbladder can contribute to the formation of gallstones. These stones can migrate and get lodged in the right side of your gall bladder, which is why right side back pain may occur.
  5. Another common reason for this type of pain is muscle weakness caused by overuse, whether in exercising or sitting down for extended periods. If right side back pain is caused by muscle weakness, a chiropractor can offer relief through pressure and gentle stretching of the tight muscles on your right side.
  6. The last possibility for the cause of your back pain is disk damage. The disk is the outer covering on the inside of your body. When a disk is not moving correctly, it can cause pressure on your nerve root and right side back pain.


Treatments For Right Side Lower Back Pain


If right side back pain is caused by one of the causes listed above, a chiropractor can help you with the right treatments for your condition.


The first thing they might do is use their hands to relieve pressure on your right-sided lower spine and get rid of any excess tingling sensations in your body. They may also give you some medication or prescribe an adjustment to allow the nerves to heal over time. Depending on what type of treatment a chiropractor recommends, it could be anything from rest and ice packs at home to getting adjustments done every few weeks until the symptoms disappear entirely!

The treatments for lower back pain right side may include:


  1. Try topical medication like creams or ointments to relieve right-sided back pain.
  2. Hire a chiropractor for adjustments and lower right side back pain relief. They may prescribe medications in some cases, too!
  3. Use heat packs on your right side while you take rest breaks at home to help the spine heal itself without any additional pressure on it.
  4. Keep up with general health by drinking plenty of water each day and trying not to sit down too much during the day (even if that means using a standing desk!)
  5. Try pool therapy for right side back pain relief. This is a great way to get some exercise while also relieving pressure on your spine.
  6. Support your lumbar curve with a right side back brace if it’s been weakened by overuse. Use a lumbar brace right side back brace to help keep your right-side back from getting worse. These braces can range in price and function, but they all work by supporting your right-side spine.
  7. Eat right and try to avoid high-fat foods as they could be compounding right side back pain!
  8. Walk as much as possible right side back pain relief. Exercise can help right-sided spine injuries recover, and walking is a great way to start that process!
  9. Gently move your back muscles proper side back pain relief. In some cases, right-sided spine injuries can be caused by muscle weakness in the right side of your body, and gentle stretching can help proper side back pain relief.


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Final Thoughts


As always, if right side back pain becomes too intense or lasts longer than a week without relief, then see a doctor right away.

Don’t neglect lower right side back pains – they can happen even when you have been feeling great before!

A visit from a chiropractor will help diagnose what is causing them so that treatment can commence quickly.



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