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Lower Back Pain Early Pregnancy – Best Tips to Relieve Lower Back Pain in Early Pregnancy


Lower back pain during early pregnancy is widespread for pregnant women to have, especially at that sensitive early stages. During pregnancy, your body’s ligaments will, of course, become much more flexible and stretch to prepare you physically for childbirth. However, back pain during pregnancy may also come on tell of tiredness, stiffness, and aches in the lower or upper back and hips, which can in some cases extend down to the legs and thighs.

According to a study by National Institutes of Health USA, 50% of pregnant women do suffer from lower back pain.

If you feel the symptoms of lower back pain, it is best to visit your doctor. Your doctor will examine you and then suggest appropriate treatment options. Usually, pregnant women are advised to go for physical therapy sessions to strengthen the abdomen and lower back muscles.


So, here are some tips to manage lower back pain in early pregnancy:


Healthy Diet


One of the most recommended way to reduce lower back pain is to take good care of yourself by eating a healthy diet. This is especially important for expectant mothers.

Many times women experience pain and discomfort with their pregnancy due to improper nutrition. Thus, it is necessary to consult a reputable nutritionist and ask about specific diet for pregnancy, which will save you from lower back pain.


Good Rest


In addition to proper nutrition, expectant mothers are advised to make sure that they are getting enough rest. This is because they will be put under more stress and physical strain during the early stages of pregnancy. Therefore, it is vital that pregnant woman do have at least eight hours of deep sleep every night.


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Parental Exercises


When pregnant, women’s hormones fluctuate up and down, and so they become prone to back pain. Thus, exercising is recommended to promote good health and keep back pain at bay. However, before undertaking any exercise, it is advisable to consult your doctor. He/She will advise you on how to proceed with your exercise routine and which practices are safe for you and your developing baby.


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For pregnant women who suffer from lower back pain, doing simple back stretches can be very helpful. These stretches are usually beneficial in preventing lower back pain in early pregnancy. A pregnant woman should also consider lying on her side with her knees bent and her feet flat on the floor or in a chair. Doing a light yoga exercise is an ideal way to stretch out the back.


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Tips to Relieve Lower Back Pain Early Pregnancy


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Healthy Weight Gain


It is also essential to maintain a healthy weight gain to manage lower back pain during early pregnancy. During the early stages of pregnancy, most women tend to get obese because they eat many candies and other sweet foods. If you want to avoid pregnancy complications such as low back pain, it is vital to have a proper weight management strategy. Ask for help from your husband or loved ones when you are trying to maintain your weight. Maintaining a proper diet is one of the best ways to prevent pregnancy-related back pain in early pregnancy.


Avoid Extra Activities


Another way of preventing low back pain during early pregnancy is by avoiding activities that strain the back. If you already have backache, try to reduce its intensity. It is also advisable to wear low-heeled shoes to avoid wasting the back. When you feel back pain, it is best to rest the area to allow the back muscles to heal.

Keeping yourself active is a great way of preventing lower back pain during the early stages of pregnancy. But do not strain yourself by doing something that you don’t really have to do.


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Use Comfortable Footwear & Bodywear


From the start of pregnancy, a woman should buy more comfortable footwear and bodywear for herself. Husbands can also help their wives in this regard. This will help to prevent develop any type of pain in her body.

Most couples do their shopping in the later stages of pregnancy. But a woman should consider shopping for new clothes and shoes at the start of their pregnancy.


Final Thoughts


If you suffer from severe lower back pain in early pregnancy, you may want to see a doctor. The doctor may prescribe medications that will lessen the pain or refer you to a physical therapist to strengthen and stretch the affected areas. You may also want to ask your doctor about hot packs that you can use to relieve discomfort. The discomfort associated with lower back pain in early pregnancy may be very intense, but it is important to address it right away to avoid the possibility of complications.


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