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iPhone 13: Release Date, Upgrades & Rumors that We Expect to be True



Apple is known for being secretive about tech announcements. However, the latest rumors suggest that Apple’s iPhone 13 will launch in September 2021. The next-gen iPhone is expected to bring a host of upgrades, including a super-fast 5G modem, ultra-wide 48MP camera, and Apple’s first-ever 120Hz display.


Here are the iPhone 13 Rumors & Upgrades that almost all iPhone users expect from Apple:


Latest Rumors About the iPhone 13



  • Four new iPhone 13 handsets
  • Release date: September 14th, 2021
  • New Pro Motion 120Hz display
  • New quad camera with 10x zoom
  • New A15 Bionic processor
  • Start price: $799 (AU$1349)


iPhone 13 Release Date


As usual, Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 13 in September 2021 (which was briefly disrupted last year due to Covid-19).


Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst, stated in a 12th December investor letter that production will continue on the pre-iPhone 12 schedules and that all iPhone 13 models can be made available “without delays” (via 9to5mac).


Recent claims by Wedbush analysts that Apple plans to launch the iPhone 13 on September 14th, 2021, have been made. Three days later, at least two handsets will be available for pre-order on September 17th. Wedbush claims that the prediction for the release of Apple’s iPhone 13 is based upon “supply chain source.”


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iPhone 13 Prices


Although we have yet to see reliable iPhone 13 pricing leaks, there are some things you should be aware of.


The Samsung Galaxy S21 was launched in January 2021 and cost less than the Galaxy S20. Inflation has increased, and there has been a shortage in semiconductor chips, which has caused tech prices to plummet. Most analysts expect tech prices will rise.


We will have to wait to see if Apple follows Samsung’s lead. But don’t be surprised. It is unlikely that Apple will cut corners on price because it is a luxury brand with an extensive global following. This is especially true if there are still bottlenecks in the supply of chips. The standard iPhone 13 will likely be priced the same price as the iPhone 12 – starting at PS799 (799, AU$1349).


Rumored iPhone 13 Sizes

iPhone 13 Mini Size: 5.4 inches

iPhone 13 Size: 6.1 inches

iPhone 13 Pro Size: 6.1 inches

iPhone 13 Pro Max Size: 6.7-inch


Two potential design elements are getting some good buzz: a lower notch (evident in several leaks mockups) and the end of the Lightning port. Both of these have been speculated about, hoped, or feared a lot for generations.


The Apple Insider video shared a different notch with a lower notch, revealing that the dummy iPhone 13 units had a smaller earpiece-notch that moved to the top of the iPhone’s bezel. Apple Insider’s dummy units also confirmed previous rumors about the iPhone 13’s size similarity to the iPhone 12.


iPhone 13 Display Pro 120hz


For several months we’ve seen rumors about the iPhone 13 finally adopting a 120Hz display, which would enable smoother scrolling and overall performance. Apple Arcade will optimize some games to take advantage of the faster refresh rate, we also anticipate.


TheElec’s January 2021 report reveals additional details: “Both iPhone 13 models will use low-temperature, polycrystalline oxide (LTPO), thin-film transistors (TFT) OLED panels manufactured by Samsung Display.” While some mused that only the iPhone 13 Pro Max would have an LTPO display, sources recently claimed it would be joined in this regard by the iPhone 13 Pro.


LPTO tech can adjust the refresh rate of the iPhone 13 from 1Hz to 120Hz. This would optimize battery life, even when it is inactive. The other thing that LTPO does is remove a layer of components underneath the display. This suggests that the iPhone 13 may be Apple’s thinnest iPhone.


Recent leaks suggest that the iPhone 13 will have an “always on” display. This could be possible with low-power LTPO technology. A Better Computer has provided a mockup video showing how this feature might work.



iPhone 13 Cameras Astrophotography and Portrait Mode Video


The iPhone 13 will be sporting a 48MP camera and a game-changing ultra-wide lens. Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple watcher, believes the new camera will allow Apple to expand into the rapidly-growing space of augmented reality.


According to a June 2021 report by Kuo, the iPhone 13 could have an ultra-wide lens with autofocus (and a more significant bump). Kuo reported in February that the iPhone 13 would have an ultra-wide 6-element lens with an aperture of f/1.8. This is an increase from the iPhone 12. There’s talk of Apple using a ‘diagonal’ camera module to free up room for the new lenses.


But I’m more excited about the rumored computational photography upgrades for the new iPhones, including portrait mode video and astrophotography. Portrait mode video isn’t new, as it’s found on flagships like the Galaxy S21 Ultra, but the iPhone generally takes better portraits than Samsung’s phones, so I’m excited to see how Apple can make the bokeh effect compelling in the video.


Specifications and Storage for the iPhone 13


According to rumors, the iPhone 13 will set new standards in terms of Storage and specs. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, a noted analyst, the iPhone 13 will feature Qualcomm’s X60 modem.


Thanks to Qualcomm’s latest “5nm” manufacturing process, the X60 packs a bigger punch of performance into a smaller footprint than the “7nm” X55 modem in the iPhone 12. The X60 is also more competent in 5G, achieving faster connection speeds and preserving battery life.


This modem will be customized to support satellite communications – that means you could make calls and send SMS where you don’t have a mobile signal. Bloomberg sources say that this feature will be limited to emergency services communication and won’t launch before next year.

Apple’s rumored A15 Bionic chip will give iPhone 13 an additional boost.


According to Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman, the new phones will include Apple’s faster chip and a smaller notch (aka the display cutout) plus new screen tech that he suggests could enable a faster refresh rate for smoother scrolling.


The A15 is a System on Chip (SoC) upgrade to the A14 Bionic processor. It could offer a significant boost in performance.


A15 is said to be 15% to 20% more efficient than its predecessor.


This is in addition to the rumors that the iPhone 13 will have the largest ever battery size for an Apple handset. We could see longer battery run times in the latest iPhones.


Satellite Communication Connectivity



Apple’s iPhone 13 is rumored to feature satellite communications connectivity, which would let you make calls and send texts in areas without cellular coverage. Kuo notes that the iPhone 13 can use low-Earth orbit satellites to connect areas without 4G/5G coverage.


However, satellite communications could only be for emergency purposes such as texting emergency services, calling emergency contacts, or reporting a crisis.


Final Thoughts


We’re getting closer to the 14th September iPhone 13 release date announcement. We will keep on updating this post with any iPhone 13 leaks and other speculation. So keep checking back!


Moreover, you can also share your latest expectations or rumors about Apple’s latest iPhone 13.


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