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How to Verify Degree From HEC? HEC Degree Attestation Guide


HEC Degree verification is a relatively new process for many people. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has introduced a fresh Degree Attestation System (DAS) w.e.f. 29th May 2017 wherein all candidates need to apply online for diploma/degree attestation by making their account on HEC Portal link and complete their profile.



This article is a complete guide for HEC Degree Verification for local Applicants as well as International Applicants.



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Steps for HEC Degree Verification/Attestation



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How to Verify HEC Degree – HEC Degree Attestation


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Following are the compulsory steps to get your degree verified from HEC:



  • After the profile submission, applicants can upload scanned copies of necessary documents and submit their application for the first review. 


  • After successful evaluation, HEC does inform the applicant through SMS and email to schedule their trip following their ease and subject to availability of slots.


  • Applicants are advised to deliver all of the necessary original documents together with a pair of photocopies (such as HEC record) and printout of internet application type & Challan Type on scheduled time and date.


Notice: Provision of pristine/fictitious information/upload can lead to annoyance for you at a subsequent point.


Educational files are verified and returned on the same scheduled date.


There are two manners to present your documents for attestation:


  • Walk-in Mode (For Urgent Candidates only)
  • Licensed Courier Service Mode (For Normal Candidates )


Under walk-in style, an applicant may make an application for diploma attestation by self-submission or may authorize any individual to find attestation of his records on his behalf (For Urgent Applicants Only)



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Degree Verification through Courier Services



All normal applications will be processed via Courier Service. The applicants residing abroad and inside countries send files to get attestation through designated courier solutions at which the courier agency is accountable for attestation and return of files to the applicant. 


All those candidates who apply for verification through courier service and require documents in sealed envelopes (for WES/ICAS etc.) are advised to notify the courier service company for managing photocopies of HEC attested certificates in their record before putting in the envelope for seal.


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HEC Degree Verification through TCS For Local Applicants



HEC has officially assigned the TCS Courier Company to aid the domestic attestation seekers in helping for attestation of educational documents from all over Pakistan.


In this regard, the applicants will hand over the application form, relevant educational & other documents, attestation fee and courier service charges at respective centres of TCS.


Applicants most ensure that their contact number(s), postal address, and valid email are present in the online application form. As HEC will use these details to contact the applicant in case of any clarification.


Applicants who intend to apply for HEC Degree attestation through Courier Service (TCS) most deposit attestation fee in relevant centre of Courier Company. Fee deposited in bank or online will not be acceptable if the applicant has applied for attestation through Courier Company.


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Degree Attestation through FedEx for International Applicants



HEC has officially designated Gerry’s FedEx International, Islamabad, Pakistan, to help the attestation seekers living abroad for getting attestation of educational documents.


The International applicant will send the application form, relevant educational & other documents, Bank draft to the courier company’s designated office.



Degree Attestation for People Living in Islamabad



Walk-in applicants that have filed their attestation fee in any HBL branch should confirm their bank challan receipts. They can verify their receipts from HBL Shalimar Recording Company Branch H-9, Islamabad.


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Requirements for HEC Degree Attestation



The applicants must read these requirements for degree attestation issued by the HEC:


  • Applicants only having a transcript (complete/Incomplete) are allowed for attestation even if the degree has not been issued subject to the situation that said transcript/copy of transcript should be verified by the Controller of Examination the concerned university/Degree Awarding Institute (DAI).


  • The Data on the applicant’s educational documents should exactly match with CNIC/Passport.


  • For verification of “Shahadatul Almiya fil Uloomm al Arabia wal Islamia”, applicants must enter details of Aama, Khasa, Aaliya and Almiya in the online application form and attach equivalence certificate issued by HEC.


  • For attestation of the “Equivalence letter” issued by HEC, please give the original Equivalence letter along with all required original documents.


  • HEC will not attest any document if a field/area is neglected, overwritten or erased on the same. Please contact the University first for the Issuance of documents free of erasure/imperfection/overwriting. Alternatively, please provide a verified copy of the document, having erasing/omission/overwriting, from the Controller of Examination of the concerned University/DAI.


  • Fake degrees and all other original educational documents would be seized, transferred to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for further investigation and disposal.


  • Please read complete guidelines for the preferred method of verification, i.e., Walk-In and/or Courier Service, before proceeding for attestation to avoid any difficulty.


  • For attestation of the CPSP Fellowship/Membership certificate (FCPS/MCPS), the certificate must be verified by the Chief Controller of Examinations of CPSP.


Documents Required for HEC Degree Attestation



These documents are necessary for degree verification from HEC:


  • Duly filled-in Application Form and Challan Form or Courier Receipts when using courier services.


  • A clearly visible copy of a valid Computerized National Identity Card or Passport (in case of Foreign National only) is compulsory.


  • The applicant must present that transcript and degree only, which he/she wants to attest. Submission of Transcript/Result Card with a degree is mandatory even without attestation.


  • In case of professional degree/diploma, Registration and/or accreditation from the relevant professional body.


  • In case the documents are being presented by a person other than the degree holder, an authority letter for the authorized person from the degree holder and a copy of CNIC of the authorized person duly attested by Grade-17 or above officer.


  • A set of photocopies of CNIC/Passport and documents that are mandatory for HEC record.


  • If the applicant also requires attestation of photocopies of documents. Then applicants should send two sets of photocopies of educational documents. Applicants must provide legible photocopies of educational documents for attestation. The document should also contain space amply for pasting of Attestation Ticket and signature & stamp.


  • Copy of old CNIC with father’s Name / Nikahnama / Marriage Certificate only for married females with name and father name mentioned on Degree / Transcript does not match with particulars mentioned on CNIC.


(Additional documents from case to case basis as and when demanded.) 



Contact HEC



In case you still have questions/comments/suggestions, please visit the applicable email address or make a telephone to the specified person. 


​These are important and notified contact details for HEC Degree Attestation:

UAN: 111-119-432

Or, ​​0334​​-​​111​9432




Address: Service Road East, Sector H-9, Islamabad.



Email Address for HEC Karachi is [email protected]



Email address for HEC Quetta is [email protected] 



Email address for HEC Peshawar is [email protected] 



Contact Person Email for HEC Lahore is [email protected]



All inquiries sent to the designated email address are reacted in 72 hours.


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HEC Degree Verification Fees



The Attestation charges for every Initial record is Rs. 1000, and also for every single Photocopy is Rs. 700.


HEC illustrates the photocopies of degrees and transcripts just after the attestation of their first documents.



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If you have any more queries regarding HEC Degree Attestation/Verification, then feel free to write them in the comments.

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