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How to Unsubscribe Jazz Tune


If you want to unsubscribe Jazz caller Tune from your Mobilink Jazz SIM, then you can do it by typing “Unsub” and sending it to 230.


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How to Turn Jazz Caller Tune Off


If you are really annoyed of your Jazz balance always just disappearing. And you are not even able to understand that where did it go then this might be due to your subscription to Jazz Tunes/Mobi Tunes.


As it is stated by Jazz that to ease customers who request Jazz Tunes subscription while having insufficient balance, such customers must be provisioned with requested Jazz Tunes subscription. While the subscription charges will deduct once customer has sufficient balance in their account.


You may have mistakenly set it up by dialing a number during a call. Or you may have subscribed to it at some time but now you want to unsubscribe Jazz tune.


So, if you are looking to unsubscribe Jazz caller tune then it a pretty straight forward method.


You just have to go into the messages section of your cellphone and tap “New Message”


Type “Unsub” and send it to 230. And in this quick and easy way you have turned your Jazz caller tune off.


Similarly if you want to subscribe Jazz Tune/Mobi Tunes then you can turn it on by typing “Sub” and sending it to 230.


You can also call “230” to subscribe or unsubscribe from Mobilink Jazz Caller Tunes.


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