How to Join Pakistan Army - Join Pakistan Army as a Captain through 148 PMA Long Course

How to Join Pak Army? Join Pak Army As a Regular Commissioned Officer through 148 PMA Long Course

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1 How to Join Pak Army? Join Pak Army As a Regular Commissioned Officer through 148 PMA Long Course


The Pakistan Army has asked for applications to join it as a Commissioned Officer in 148 PMA Long course.  Thus, interested candidates now can apply for the PMA Long Course online through the official website of Pak Army. All the male Pakistani citizens having atleast intermediate (FSC/F.A) qualification can apply till the last date i.e, 17th May 2021.


So, If you are looking to join Pak Army as Captain after FSC then this might be the chance for you.


Join Pak Army as Captain through 148 PMA Long Course


Below are the complete details about joining the Pakistan Army as Commissioned Officer in 148 PMA Long Course.

Organization  Name Pakistan Army
Sector Govt.
Registration start from 17 April 2021
Last Date 17 May  2021
Preliminary test date 20 May to 27 July 2021 (tentative)


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How to Join Pakistan Army as Captain After FSC



If you are interested in joining the Pakistan Army then this may be the opportunity for you. Just go to their official website and finish the online registration procedure. All the candidates will be given a time and a date for preliminary test. Computerized Roll No. Slips will be sent to the emails provided by the candidates.

After the registration, you will be called for a preliminary and medical test at the nearest Army Selection & Recruitment Centre. The candidates who will pass the initials will then be admitted in ISSB.

To join any military force in Pakistan like Pakistan Army, Air Force or Navy, you need to clear the ISSB. Otherwise, you won’t be able to join any military force.


Before we get into the basics of How to Join Pak Army, let me give you a short yet brief introduction of Pakistan Army.


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Pakistan Armed Forces


“Pakistan Army is a desirable professional pursuit amongst people because of the blood and sweat they offer to support the nation’s flag. They protect the borders and provide their services during all kinds of emergencies such as earthquakes, floods, or any other natural catastrophes. They are famous for their dedication and commitment to defend the country from internal and external opponents.”


According to a report by Business Insider, Pakistan has the 13th biggest military force in the world. Four main service branches consist of Army, Navy, Air Force, and paramilitary forces. The Pecking order of the armed force is arranged by the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff Committee (JCSC) along with chiefs of personnel for the Army, Navy, and air force.

Since the independence, the Pakistan militaries have played a significant role in defense of the nation. They are always on the leading edge to safeguard the honor of the country. According to a quote, approximately 654,000 active personnel in the armed forces leave out those in the Strategic Plans Department Forces and paramilitary forces. That makes it the 6th largest military in the world and 1st in the Muslim Countries in terms of Numbers.

There is no doubt that the armed forces of Pakistan are one of the very best in the world, and they have compromised a lot to secure their motherland. To sign up with the military is a dream of every child in the country, and if you are amongst those who wish to join it, you pertain to the best location.


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Here we will tell you about various induction courses to join Pakistan Army as well as How to Join as a regular commission in Pakistan Army through PMA 148 Long Course.


How to Join Pakistan Army


how to join pak army mind map for joining pak army blogpost by
How to Join Pakistan Army

There are three methods/courses to join the Pakistan Army:


  1. Join Pak Army as Commissioned Officer
  2. Short Service Commission
  3. Commission as a Soldier in Pakistan Army


Join Pak Army As A Regular Commission Officer


Regular Commission is for those who intend to join Pakistan Army as an officer, i.e., Captain, Major etc. The entry requirement is Intermediate. Moreover, there are some categories in regular Commission. Those who join for the battlefield and pure military services go through PMA Long Course. While others provide support services to those engaged in the battlefield, i.e., Engineering services, medical services, these enter through Technical Cadet course.


There are the following four Categories to Join Pak Army as regular Commission:

  1. PMA Long Course
  2. Technical Cadet Course
  3. Army Medical Cadet Course
  4. Armed Forces Nursing Services


PMA Long Course to Join Pak Army as a Captain


All prospects who have cleared Intermediate graduated (2 years) or graduated (4 years), and likewise, those who are serving army soldiers are qualified. Just male and single candidates can use. After Clearing the preliminary test at AS&RCs, candidates are then selected for ISSB. Similarly, those who clear their ISSB then further go and start their training at Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul.


Technical Cadet Course


Those with FSc Pre-engineering or ICS with Physics can apply for Technical Cadet Course of ISSB. Chosen candidates have to finish four years of engineering degree in Electrical, Civil, Computer System, Software, Mechanical, Telecom, Mechatronics or Aeronautical Engineering from NUST Military colleges. Pakistan Army funds studies. One Year of Basic training is provided at Pakistan Military Academy Kakul after completing four years of Engineering Degree.


Army Medical Cadet Course


Army Medical Cadet Course is for the students of FSc Pre-Medical. Students can join Pakistan Army as Medical Physician. Picked candidates study MBBS or BDS at Army Medical College Rawalpindi and join Pak Army as a Captain after their degree. Twenty-two weeks of military training is likewise offered after the conclusion of the degree.


Armed Forces Nursing Services


Female Pre-Medical students can go for Army Nursing Services as well. Moreover, registered nurses can likewise apply for Armed Forces Nursing Services (AFNS). Picked candidates then study BSc Nursing for four years at different Army colleges. Four Weeks of standard Military Training is likewise offered after completing the degree.


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Short service Regular Commission to join Pakistan Army is for Professionals. Basically those who have already completed their professional degrees like MBBS, BDS, or higher qualifications in different fields can apply to join Pakistan Army as short service regular commission.


General Duty Medical Officers (GDMOs)


MBBS Degree holders can apply for short service regular commission to join Pakistan Army as a General Duty Medical Officer.




Specialized medical practitioners, i.e., FCPS, MCPS, or comparable degree holders, can apply to join Pakistan Army as short service regular commission.




Direct Short Service Commission is for all those who provide assistance services to the officers, soldiers, and family members. Following is the list of entry paths to join Pak Army through the direct Short Service Commission:

  • Army Education Corps
  • Ordnance
  • Girls Cadet Course
  • Psychologist, RV&FC
  • Signals – ICTOs


Army Education Corps

MSc degree holders in required specific fields can apply for the post of teachers in Pakistan Army schools, colleges, and educational institutes.


BE or BSc Fabric/ Leather Innovation or Plastic/ Wood Innovation degree holders can join Pakistan Army as direct short service commission in Pakistan Ordnance Factories.

Woman Cadet Course

There are no inductions currently in the Woman Cadet Course. Post graduation (16 years Degree as a routine student) with minimum CGPA-3 out of 4 or minimum 65% Marks in a yearly system can apply.


MA/MSc degree holders in General Psychology or Clinical Psychology can obtain Psychologists jobs.


DVM or equivalent degree Registered with PVMC can look for Corps of Remount Veterinary and Farms Officer (RV&FC).


Corps of Signals is for those having bachelor/master’s degrees in Software Engineering, Computer System Engineering, Computer Sciences, MS-IT, BS-IT, BS GIS, MS GIS, or Masters in Details Security.


Required Age & Age Relaxation to Join Pakistan Army


The complete details about the needed age to Join Pakistan Army after FSC, Matric, Inter, BSC, Masters, MBBS & MBA, provided listed below in detail and Relax-able age for the prospects will be three months both in upper and lower age limitation under unique situations.


– Those candidates who have passed their Intermediate (FA or FSc) and desire to Join Pak Army as a captain need to have age in between (17– 22 Years).

– Those prospects who had passed their Graduation (2 years program) and desire to be a part of the Pakistan Army should have ages between (17– 23 Years).

– Those prospects who had passed their Graduation (4 years program) and ready to join Pakistan Army should have ages between (17– 24 Years).

– Candidates who are Masters, MBBS, or MBA and wish to join Pakistan Army must have an age of 28 Years or less.


Basic Requirements To Join Pakistan Army As Regular Commission Officer in 148 PMA Long Course


The basic but compulsory requirements to join Pak Army are as follows:


– The Gender of the candidate who desires to join the Pak Army needs to be male.

– Marital status of the prospect who willing to join the Pak Army should be single. An unmarried person is qualified to join Pak Army.

– Prospects who want to join Pak Army must have the Nationality of Pakistan. A citizen of Pakistan is only eligible to join Pak Army. No foreign country nationality holder is eligible to join Pak Army.

– Candidates who desire to join Pak Army should have a minimum height of 5′ -4″ (162.5 cm).

– The weight of the candidate in physical requirements based on the body mass index.


If you wish to Calculate Your BMI Body Mass Index then you can do so by using this BMI Calculator.


Academic Requirements to Join Pak Army


Candidates who are trying to join Pak Army after Intermediate FA/FSc should have a minimum of 55% marks.

Candidates who look to join after graduation BA/BSc, BA/BSC (Hon) need to have 60% marks with 50% marks in Intermediate.

– The candidates resident of areas like (Balochistan, FATA, Gilgit-Baltistan, District Neelum Azad Jammu Kashmir, District Kohistan, Chitral, Dir, Tehsil Bala Kot of District Mansehra in KPK, Tharparker and Tehsil Umer Kot in Sindh, District Rajanpur, Area of Cholistan Desert, Drawer Fort, Salamsar, Mojgarh and Dingarh of Punjab have relaxation in marks that prospects from these locations can apply with 55% marks in FA/FSc.

– The On-duty Army Soldiers must have 50% marks in FA/FSc are likewise qualified.

– Those candidates who have duplicate or revised mark sheets or certificates of Matric, Intermediate, or Graduation need to have a verification certificate signed by the secretary/ Controller of the concerned Board or University.

– Enlisting Certificate and Comprehensive Mark Sheets are necessary. Similarly, if a prospect is from ‘A’ level , they need to present an Equivalence Certificate released by IBCC in obligatory if the result is less than three C’s.

– Computerized National Identity Card for 18 years and above.

If a candidate is less than 18 years, he needs to provide Electronic Form “B” and Guardian’s CNIC (Father or Mother).

– Prospects have to offer one set of confirmed photocopies of all pertinent documents in addition to 6 attested colored pictures.

– If a prospect appears for the second time, he needs to present three photocopies of the ‘Not Recommended’ letter issued by ISSB.


Ineligibility Conditions to Join Pak Army


Ineligibility Conditions to join Pak Army are given below:

– Those prospects who have applied to join Pak Army and are ‘Not Recommended’ two times by ISSB/GHQ Choice and Evaluation Board are disqualified from applying once again.

– If any candidate stated clinically “Misfit” by Military Hospital/ Appeal Medical Board will be ineligible to apply once again.


Registration Procedure


Registration Procedure to join Pak Army is given listed below. There is not no other method of registration instead of provided below.

– Candidate can register himself online by visiting the website, and after registration, the entire schedule of the test will be sent to the prospect’s e-mail account.

– The other method of registration is that candidate can appear physically at AS&RCs choice center in addition to all relevant documents and prospectus charge.


Selection Procedure to Join Pakistan Army as a Regular Commissioned Officer in 148 PMA Long Course


There will be some preliminary tests and exercises at the Army Selection & Recruitment Centres (AS&RCs)


Preliminary Academic Test and Intelligence Test


The initial preliminary academic test can be verbal/non-verbal.

In the initial test, the candidate’s ability relating to topics like Maths, English, Pakistan Studies, and General Knowledge is assessed. If you pass the preliminary test, you will then appear in the medical checkup.


Physical Preliminary Tests to Join Pak Army as a Regular Commissioned Officer


The physical preliminary tests/requirements to join Pakistan Army are as follows:


  • Running: 1.6 Km in 8 minutes
  • Pull-Ups: 20 in 2 minutes
  • Push-Ups: 15 in 2 minutes
  • Chin-ups: 3 in 2 minutes
  • Ditch Crossing: 7′ 4′ x 7′ 4′ Depth 4′ deep


Preliminary Medical/Physical Standards


In the initial medical, the AS&RCs staff gather important medical information of a candidate to ensure that they satisfy the minimum physical requirements of ISSB.


The basic physical standards to join Pak Army are:

– Height- 5ft 4in (162.5 cms).

– Weight- Based On Body Mass Index.


Check out our article on BMI Calculations Chart For Pak Army to assess your BMI.


The prospects who pass the preliminary academic, physical and medical test will then be selected for ISSB.


What is ISSB?


The Inter Solutions Choice Board (ISSB) is a committee that selects commissioned officers in the Army, Navy, and Air Force. It is a four-day selection test where a prospect’s capability, ability, and character are put to the test. There are four ISSB centers in the country, particularly Kohat, Gujranwala, Quetta, and Malir. After passing the ISSB, the candidates have to undergo officer training at military academies. The Pakistan Military college is located in Kakul, the Pakistan Air Force Academy in Risalpur, and the Pakistan Naval Academy in Manora.


The ISSB test includes these huge parts:

  1. Mental Test
  2. Outdoor Activities
  3. Interviews


Psychological/Mental Capability Test ISSB


There are three parts of ISSB psychological tests:


  • Intelligence Test (Both Verbal and Non-Verbal)
  • Personality Test (Written Analytical and Projective Test)
  • Mechanical Ability Test


Outdoor Activities For ISSB Test


The outdoor activities in ISSB test are as follows:


  • Group Test
  • Individual Challenges (evaluation of candidate capability to overcome the private obstacles).


In the group test, the prospects are divided into groups and engaged in different activities to assess different qualities such as personality type, teamwork, management, and intelligence. The group test consists of the following activities:

  1. Seminar (Discussion on a given topic or subject).
  2. Planning (Group needs to prepare an option of a problem).
  3. Practical Activities (There are different activities in it such as lifting weights, tackling a problem, etc.).
  4. Command Tasks (One candidate is designated as a commander to evaluate the management qualities of the individual).




The interview is the last step in the ISSB. In this step, there can be questions about individual life, scholastic career, life goals, and opinions concerning different aspects.

The prospects who pass the interview then go for a final medical checkup. Furthermore the candidates who clear the final medical checkup as well go to their respective military colleges to undergo official training.


Tips for Passing ISSB


Here are some tips to prepare for ISSB:

  1. The psychologist in ISSB can judge your character in a couple of minutes, so provide sincere and straightforward answers.
  2. Be positive.
  3. Try to keep yourself super fit to pass ISSB.
  4. Before the ISSB, you need to focus on improving your English.
  5. All elements such as look, leadership ability, physical fitness level, and self-confidence are evaluated in the ISSB, so you need to prepare yourself while keeping these elements in mind.
  6. Try to remain natural, respectful, sincere, and responsive in ISSB.
  7. Throughout the ISSB interview, preserve eye contact with the interviewer and sit straight.
  8. The knowledge about military affairs, present affairs, and Pakistan are seriously crucial in ISSB. You should prepare yourself appropriately.
  9. Try to stay fully confident, composed, and positive.
  10. Do not be over smart in the test.
  11. Before ISSB, you ought to understand the test pattern and format to avoid any confusion throughout the test.
  12. Show your commitment and desire in the group jobs of ISSB.
  13. Read papers, military, and general understanding books daily. It will keep you prepared for the test.
  14. Do not bother about the outcome and try to do what you are asked to do with complete devotion.


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Before everything else,  you need to decide which armed force you want to sign up with. Often people have a good friend or a relative serving in a particular branch of the military, which often plays a factor in their choice. You must know the fact that each military service is different. Some individuals are more suitable for the Army, while some have passion and talent to join the Airforce or Navy. You ought to decide according to your aptitude, qualifications, character, and interest. Basically, do not join a military service since somebody else desires you to join it. Follow your heart and decide about your life, since it is a common belief in the military that,

“Army is a Passion, Not an Occupation.”


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