how to share mobilink jazz balance

How to Jazz Balance Share



In this article, we are going to give a brief insight on how to Jazz Balance Share. As you may need to know that how to share Jazz Balance nowadays. Sometimes you may have extra Jazz Balance in your Jazz Prepaid Sim, and you want to share the extra balance with your friends or family. Or your friend needs 20 Rupees to renew his Internet Bundle in the middle of the night so that you can keep on playing PUBG the whole night.


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Jokes apart, you may also need to share Jazz Balance for something urgent as well. Now, we will share the easiest method to share Jazz balance with your friends and family.


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Steps to Share Jazz Balance



all the steps of how to share jazz balance
How to Jazz Balance Share


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For sharing the Jazz Balance, you have to go into the dial section of your cellphone and dial this code accordingly:


Dial *100*03XXXXX*amount#

For Example, Dial *100*03007007007*500#


Once you have dialed this code, you will receive a confirmation message to confirm to Jazz Balance Share. The Jazz Balance Share will be done only once when you complete the confirmation.


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Maximum & Minimum Transaction Limit to Share Balance on Mobilink Jazz



The maximum transaction Limit for Jazz Balance Share is Rs 500/ transaction.

The minimum transaction Limit for Jazz Balance Share is Rs 15/ transaction.


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Maximum Per Day Share Limit for Jazz Balance Share



The Maximum Share Limit per day for Mobilink Jazz is Rs 500.



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Transaction Charges for Sharing Balance on Mobilink



Prepaid subscribers of Jazz will have to pay transaction charges of Rs. 4.77 + Tax per Transaction.


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Terms & Conditions for Mobilink Jazz



Jazz Balance Share allows its customers to be there for their loved ones whenever needed. You can read the terms and conditions for Jazz Balance Share Services on the official Mobilink Jazz website by visiting this link.


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