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How to Get Jazz Loan


If you want to get a loan in Jazz, then Jazz Advance gives you a loan of of Rs. 15 if your balance falls below Rs.100.


 Jazz Advance is available by dialing *112# from Jazz Prepaid SIM. 


You will receive a Rs.15 advance in your account if your balance falls below Rs.100 within the next four hours.


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If you want to know how to get Jazz Loan in 2021 then you can easily do it using these codes:


Mobilink Jazz Advance Subscription Code: Dial *112#

 Mobilink Jazz Advance Unsubscription Code: Dial *112*4#

 Charges: Rs 4.60+tax


Terms and Conditions to take Jazz Loan:


These are the terms & conditions to take loan in Jazz:


  • There are only 2 Advances of Rs.15 per month, which can be used to recharge your subscription.
  • You must dial *112# to avail the Jazz advance loan. You can only request the Jazz advance if you ask for it.
  • Jazz Advance will be available to you for 4 hours after you subscribe. You can also receive an advance if your balance drops below Rs.100, provided that the last advance was repaid.


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How to Get Jazz Loan through JAZZ FNF ADVANCE BALANCE CODE



Jazz FnF Advance Subscription Code: Dial *1112#


Jazz FnF Advance allows Jazz prepaid subscribers who have used Jazz Advance or Super Advance. But they have not yet repaid Jazz Advance to request a temporary credit from a friend, family member, or acquaintance. This service has one distinctive feature: it returns the loan to the lender if the borrower has a balance equal to or greater than the borrowed loan.



Once a friend lends money to the customer, then Jazz will add Rs.1 to the loan amount. The user must have used Jazz Advance or Super Advance and not repaid it to be eligible for Jazz FnF Advance.


Complete Method on How to Get a Jazz Loan by Availing Jazz FnF Advance


This the complete method to get a Jazz Loan by getting Jazz FnF Advance Loan:


  • To be eligible for Jazz FnF Advance, the user must have used Super Advance or Jazz Advance Loan and not returned it.
  • To receive Jazz FnF Advance Service, dial *1112#
  • To add a friend to your number, press 1.
  • Once you have added a number, press 1 again to send Jazz FnF Advance requests.


Terms & Conditions to Get Jazz FnF Advance


So, these are the terms & conditions to get Jazz FnF Advance:


  • All numbers in FnF subscribers will receive a loan request for Rs.5 as per the definition of the borrower in his friend’s list.
  • All numbers on the borrower’s friend list can receive a loan request.
  • After the friend approves the loan request, Jazz will transfer the loan amount to the borrower’s balance after deducting Rs.0.84+T/Transaction service charges.
  • A FriendAdvance can be requested by the user only once.
  • A user cannot request another loan after they have used a FriendAdvance.


So, I think that now you do know everything that is to know about how to get Jazz Loan.

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