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How to Check Zong Remaining MBs – Zong Mb Check Code


You can easily check  your Zong remaining MBs anytime by quickly dialing this simple code from the dialer of your mobile:


Dial *102*4 to check Zong remaining MBs in 2021


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How to Check Remaining Resources On Zong Prepaid


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How to Check the Remaining MBs/SMS/Minutes on Zong


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Zong enables its users to know all about their remaining resources like remaining minutes/sms/mbs in their Zong sim conveniently by just dialing a simple code:


  • You can check all of the remaining resources of your Zong SIM by dialing *102*1 and the information about all of the remaining resources will appear on the screen before you. 
  • Similarly, by dialing *102*2# you will find all your Zong remaining minutes.
  • Check your Zong remaining SMS by dialing *102*3#.
  • Check your Zong remaining MBs by dialing *102*4#.



To Check all of the remaining Resources in Zong *102*1#
Check Free Remaining Minutes in your Zong SIM *102*2#
To Check Free Remaining SMS in Zong number *102*3#
Check remaining Zong MB using this code *102*4#


Zong Prepaid users may also check their remaining resources on the official Zong App accessible across all platforms like App Store and Playstore.


USSD services wouldn’t be available outside a coverage area


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)


How to Check Remaining Mbs in Zong 4g bolt+?
Zong MBB users may check their staying MBs by taking their MBB sim from the Zong MBB device, inserting it in a cell phone and dialing *102# or 102*4.
What are the charges to check the Current Balance in Zong and also to check the all remaining Free Resources in Zong?
Rs.0.20+Tax/Inquiry for present balance check and Rs. 0.10+Tax per inquiry to check the remaining free resources.
Are there any fees to activate/deactivate any service in Zong?
Yes, standard costs of the service activated or deactivated will be billed.


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