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How to Check Filer Status for FBR | Active Taxpayer ATL List


For all income earners in Pakistan, it’s mandatory to register with FBR and become a filer. FBR is a filing office for taxation in Pakistan. A taxpayer has sufficient income to be in any tax slab according to the tax regulations.


How can someone find out if he is an active taxpayer? Anyone can check their taxpayer status.


The active taxpayer list or ATL is a central record that includes online income tax return filers from the previous tax year.


Anyone can access the ATL List or check their Filer Status via the FBR Online Portal.


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When is the ATL/Filer Status updated?


ATL is published each financial year on the 1st of March. It is valid until or up to February the following financial year. The current active taxpayer list, for example, was published on the 1st of March 2020 and is valid until the 28th of February 2020. FBR will then publish the updated taxpayer’s list on the 1st of March, 2021.


ATL is updated on Mondays by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).


Online and via SMS, you can check your Active FBR Filer Status and Active Taxpayer status.


You have many options to verify your active taxpayer status. The following processes can be used to check your active taxpayer status:


How to Check Filer Status via Online FBR Portal


For an online status check, you can check your FBR filer status by simply going to Online Active Taxpayer Status and follow the steps:

check your filer status by using fbr online portal
Check Filer Status by Using Online FBR Portal


Select NTN for taxpayers who are either AOP or Business. You will need to choose the CNIC option if the taxpayer is an individual.

check filer status by Online FBR Portal using CNIC for individuals or NTN for business or AOP

Enter CNIC number or NTN Register No. in the field according to the parameter selected. (The value must not be added without hyphens/dashes)


Choose the date on which you want to check filer status.

Check your filer status and select the date according to which you want to chech the filer status


How to Check Your Filer Status via SMS


These are the steps you need to follow to verify your ATL filer status via SMS:


  • Individual: Send to 9966 a text message containing the following: “ATL (space), 13 digits Computerized National Identity Card, (CNIC).”
  • For company or AOP: Send to 9966 the text “ATL (space), 7 digits National Tax Number, (NTN),”


Check Filer Status for AJ&K Residents through FBR Online Portal


AJ&K residents can also check their filer status online through FBR portal.

A separate option is given in the FBR portal for AJ&K  residents:

check filer status of AJ&K


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Check Filer Status for AJ&K Residents Active Taxpayer Status via SMS


  • To send an Individual number to 9966, type AJKATL (space) and then enter CNIC. You shouldn’t space the CNIC number.
  • Please send it to 9966 by the person who has NTN AJKATL (space), an 11-digit NTN number. NTN numbers should not have spaces between the digits.


Download the ATL List to check ATL Filer Status


You can also download the ATL list from FBR portal to check the filer status.

Click the link to see an updated list of active taxpayers and download it.

Active Taxpayer List (Income Tax)


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