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Five Best Soundbars Under $200 – Best Soundbar For Under 200

Soundbars are the modernized solution for excellent television audio.

Their space-saving design and easy configuration make them an attractive choice instead of traditional home theater systems.

People don’t want to reorder their entire living room around big speakers and deal with complex wirework.

In this buying guide, we are going to review some of the best soundbars for under 200$, to help you choose the one that suits you the best.

If you are shopping on a tighter budget and don’t think that you can save $200 dollars for a soundbar. Then don’t worry as we have also written review for the best sound bar under 100. You can check it out as well.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at our favored soundbars that will cost less than $200. You must know that they’ll sound dramatically better than any built-in TV speakers.

In this price bracket, we’ll see options from big electronics brands like Samsung and Sony, as well as big audio equipment brands like Bose and Polk Audio.

So we have decided to pick one best sound bar under 200 from five different brands.

After the review, we will also be looking at the most important factors when choosing a sound bar.

But first, let us take a look at the five best sound bars under 200 from five big brands.

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Quick Guide on Best Soundbar Under $200

We have chosen one best soundbar for under $200 from five of the biggest brands. Why have we chosen these five brands? Because these are actually the five best soundbars under 200$ among all of the soundbars available under 200$ from every brand.

So the best sound bars for under $200 are:

⇒SAMSUNG HW-R550 2.1ch Soundbar

⇒POLK Audio Signa S-2

⇒Bose Solo 5


⇒Sony HT S350


Best Soundbar For Under $200

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SAMSUNG HW-R550 2.1ch Soundbar

  • Features: Wireless Subwoofer, Smart Sound Technology, Game Mode,  Clutter-Free Wireless Connectivity
  • Benefits: Optimized For  Samsung TV, Powerful Bass,  Surround Sound Kit
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Polk Audio Signa Ultra S2

  • Features: Wireless Subwoofer, Great Sound Quality, Built-in bluetooth Technology, Easy Setup
  • Benefits: Performance Tuned Surround Sound, Universal Compatibility, Heavy Bass, All Cables Included
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Bose Solo 5

  • Features: Compact Soundbar, Bluetooth Connectivity, Best For Dialogue
  • Benefits: Universal Remote Controls, One Connection
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Yamaha YAS 109

  • Features: Built-in subwoofers, Bluetooth Connectivity, Easy to Set
  • Benefits: Enhanced Dialogue Clarity, DTS Virtual Surround Sound, Built-in Alexa Compatibility
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Sony HT-S350

  • Features: Wireless Subwoofer, Power (320W), Virtual Surround Sound Technology
  • Benefits: Voice Enhancement Technology, Seven Types of Sound Modes, Wireless Connection, One Cable Connect
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Samsung HW-R550 2.1ch Soundbar

best soundbar with subwoofer under for 200 blogpost by pakistanonline best soundbar under 200 for 2021 is SAMSUNG HW-R550 2.1ch Soundbar
Best Soundbar For Under 200 - Samsung HW-R55O

Samsung is the world’s largest TV manufacturer by market share, so it’s unsurprising that they’ve also developed quality soundbars to go with them. The Samsung HW-R550 is a powerful 320-watt soundbar that sounds as good as it looks, and just before you ask, you don’t need a Samsung TV to use it.

But still, this Samsung soundbar works best with Samsung TVs as they are designed for a seamless connection. If you’re looking for some great television audio, then this is definitely one of the top soundbars for Samsung TV you could buy, at a price point of less than 200.

The soundbar features an intelligent sound recognition system that lets it recognize the type of content that is being played and fine-tune the equalization according to it. Another noteworthy feature is its gaming mode which creates immersive gaming audio. It sounds like a bit of a gimmick, but it actually makes a big audible difference when enabled.

This 2.1-channel soundbar comes with a wireless subwoofer that really gives it a big edge over soundbars that don’t come with one. A subwoofer will always be capable of delivering deeper lows that make for far superior cinematic and gaming experiences. The fact it’s wireless also makes the whole setup quite elegant, which is kind of what a sound bar should be all about.

The Samsung HW-R550 produces highly detailed sound with bass that is unrivalled in this budget. As is quite common in consumer electronics, bass is slightly overemphasized out of the box. Fortunately, you can tweak the full 7-band equalizer to match your ear’s preferences.

Note that Samsung also offers the slightly cheaper and less powerful HW-R450 soundbar/subwoofer combo. We’d recommend going with the HW-R550 since sound comes from 4 drivers as opposed to just 2, giving it slightly improved stereo separation.

Polk Audio Ultra Slim Signa S2

best soundbar under 200 polk audio signa s2 best soundbar under for 200 with subwoofer
Best Soundbar Under For 200 Polk Audio Signa S2 - RunnerUp

The Polk Audio AM6214-A Signa S2 Ultra-Slim TV Sound Bar is just one of the top on our listing as the very best soundbar under $200 since it loads a substantial type a smooth bundle. The Signa collection is Polk’s soundbar line, with the range-topping S2 being a global 2.1 soundbar.


Plus, unlike some of the other alternatives on this list, it features a cordless subwoofer for powerful bass when you want to stream music or movies.


If you have actually never ever had a separate subwoofer, the deep bass will seriously blow you away. Not just is the Polk system fantastic for bass-heavy music (like rock, hip-hop as well as electronic), it makes movies much more immersive. Have you ever before heard a helicopter land or bomb explode in your living room? Boom. Now you have.


Featuring an ultra-slim low-profile (2-inches high) style, placement is very easy and also you do not have to fret about it blocking your television. This budget-friendly soundbar’s low profile layout fits sleekly under any type of standing TV, or you can make use of a wall mount with any type of placed TELEVISION Sound-wise, it’s comparable to the Samsung HW-R550 albeit slightly much less effective. The subwoofer feels underpowered but the sound is otherwise rich thoroughly.


It also includes Polk’s copyrighted voice adjust innovation that makes discussion a lot more unmistakable in information, sporting activities and other TELEVISION programs.


The Signa S2 has all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a soundbar at its price, consisting of HDMI ARC as well as Bluetooth compatibility.


As well as much like any type of quality soundbar in 2021, you can connect your smart device wirelessly with Bluetooth and plug the soundbar into your TELEVISION making use of an HDMI cord or optical wire.


If you wish to obtain one of the most for your cash, this is the soundbar to get.

Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar

bose solo 5 tv soundbar system best soundbar under 200 3rd best soundbar
Best Compact Soundbar Under $200 - bOSE solo 5

Bose creates a few of the most prominent sound products and uses options depending on whether you’re including it to an existing entertainment system or mounting it on the wall.

The most effective but little soundbar under $200 that we’ve evaluated is the Bose Solo 5. It’s fairly compact, and also it has among the smallest sizes we have actually seen, that makes it wonderful for smaller sized Televisions or in tighter arrangements like underneath a computer screen. The bar itself really feels rather strong and also features the majority of the cords you’ll need to get it up as well as running.

For a soundbar just below $200, Bose Solo 5 features a much better efficiency compared to your TV speakers. We locate that it does as well as the as that the characters’ lines can be heard plainly, whether you’re enjoying films or TV shows.

It appears surprisingly clear, particularly considering it doesn’t have a subwoofer attached to it. Although it can’t produce the low-end smack and also roar you ‘d find in your favored hip-hop cd or action flick, it recreates vocals as well as instruments properly and also does an excellent task at handling discussion. It’s appropriate for TELEVISION programs, and also it’s a good option if you like to pay attention to podcasts or audiobooks in your house. For film fans, it supports Dolby Digital material located on the majority of Blu-ray discs and also streaming systems using its optical port.

Unfortunately, its connectivity options really feel a little bit obsolete compared to what a few of the various other designs under $200 we have actually evaluated give. It has an optical input, standard 3.5 mm audio jack, and also an older digital coaxial adapter, but no HDMI. The good news is, it does support Bluetooth to make sure that you can play media from your phone or laptop wirelessly. If you’re searching for an easy, compact soundbar without much more advanced features, this one is a strong choice.

Yamaha YAS-109 | Yamaha YAS-108

Yamaha yas109 best soundbar under 200 blog post by pakistanonline.net
Best Soundbar For Sound - Yamaha YAS-109

Yamaha seems to produce everything from pianos to motorbikes, but they’ve also found critical success in the soundbar space.

Some audiophiles might scoff at soundbars, but Yamaha have produced truly great-sounding ones that deserve all the praise they’ve received. Digital Trends rated the YAS-209 as the best sound bar of 2021.

The Yamaha YAS-109 is a latest edition of YAS-108 and it would cost just above 200$ but its worth the cost really. Yes, YAS-109 is a little bit more costly than the other products on this list but it has an equally well-balanced and clean sound signature and features that the others on this list does not have.

It also leaves you the option to add an external subwoofer in the future. This can be achieved thanks to its nonproprietary subwoofer out port.

The Yamaha YAS-109 is the only soundbar on this list to use DTS’s latest codec: DTS Virtual: X. This codec aims to simulate the sound of a 11.1-channel surround-sound setup and expand the soundstage on both horizontal and vertical planes. It doesn’t quite match the immersiveness of $2000 Dolby Atmos soundbars or true surround-sound setups. However, it is notably superior to the virtual surround technologies employed in the soundbars it competes with.

Based on reviews, it can take a little bit of tweaking to get the sound optimized for your space, but the sound quality is very impressive for its size once that’s done.

This soundbar also does have Alexa built-in so this adds a lot to the usability of this soundbar.

Sony HT-S350 Soundbar With Wireless Subwoofer

Sony HT-S350 soundbar with subwoofer - best soundbars under for 200 by pakistanonline.net
Best Soundbar For SONY TV - Sony HT-S350

Sony HT-S350 Soundbar with Subwoofer is extremely similar to the Samsung HW-R550 in requirements and rate, the Sony HT-S350 is an additional soundbar/subwoofer combo that can fill bigger areas.

This soundbar is also efficient in outputting 320W of power that makes it reach high volume degrees without misshaping. For inputs you obtain HDMI ARC along with optical, on top of Bluetooth connectivity for coupling with your phone or various other compatible devices.

In spite of being an excellent soundbar in itself, the Sony HT-S350 is inferior to the Samsung HW-R550 in general. Samsung’s R550 has even more accurate audio recreation, a better sound profile and much better bass expansion. The Sony can get a little louder, yet it presses more than the R550. It additionally doesn’t support DTS, but Samsung does.

On the whole we prefer the Samsung R550 over Sony HT-S350 Soundbar. Nevertheless, it’s still a really respectable soundbar in its very own medium. Owners of a Sony TELEVISION might wish to adhere to the Sony environment for far better combination and also aesthetic uniformity.

Important Factors For When Choosing A Soundbar

These are the most important factors when choosing an affordable budget soundbar:

Size and Placement Considerations


Soundbars are the best-selling kind of television speaker because they are the ideal match for today’s flatscreen TVs. They’re slim, low profile, and sit right under the TV.

It’s rare to find yourself in a situation where there isn’t enough capacity for the soundbar, but you do want everything to be compatible. For example, if you are using the soundbar with a small 32-inch TV, you might want an efficient soundbar like the Bose Solo 5, which is 21.6-inches wide. For your room TV, you probably don’t want a 40″ inch soundbar that is more spacious than the TV!

You’ll also want to analyze whether you’ll place it on the TV cabinet or have it wall-mounted. Nearly all soundbars can be wall-mounted, but make sure it won’t be too broad or high.

Another thing you should analyze is the position of your soundbar. Are you installing it on the table? Or place it on your entertainment unit close to your TV or mounting it on the wall? Some soundbars come with wall mounts or a mounting stand to provide more value. Many soundbars like the Polk Audio Signa S2 already have mounting holes.

In some cases, you may need to buy this in addition to the soundbar. The size comes into play as well. Soundbars such as the Roku Streambar, Polk Audio Signa S2, YAS-109, TCL Alto 7+TCL Alto 8i, Sony HT-S350, Sony HT-CT390, Vizio V21-H8, Samsung HW-R550, and Samsung HW-T550 have a compact size.

Soundbar vs Soundbase

Soundbars are designed to be smart all-in-one solutions, but there is no way something so thin and small can produce deep bass.

Soundbases are like soundbars, but your TV sits on top of them. They also act as a surface for your TV means they’re bigger and probably able to produce more powerful bass.

However, their narrower nature means comparably mediocre stereo separation (harder to distinguish between left and right audio). Soundbars are still a more popular and better choice. Adding a subwoofer will make the bass just as good, if not better.

But the subwoofer is incredibly important if you’re a fan of impressive audio effects when you listen to music, watch movies, or play games. The subwoofer is a speaker on the soundbar that produces the bass, and you can find soundbars with subs at this price tag.

The bass extension is also effective for producing the full-body vibrations you feel when standing next to heavy-duty speakers. And for TV owners who want an even more distinct stereo separation, adding satellite speakers do the job. It would cost more money than entry-level soundbars, but full setups will provide way more value.

For a truly cinematic background, you’ll want a subwoofer. However, subwoofers take up space. Most probably you also don’t want them for a bedroom TV you only watch news and sports on. Certainly, you must think hard about whether or not you want a subwoofer in the mix.

Input Connections

Soundbars are usually connected to a TV using an optical or HDMI ARC connection. Both attachments are capable of carrying high-definition audio. However, HDMI ARC offers some freedom advantages, and having a soundbar with an HDMI connection is of great value.

In an affordable price range, you might also be able to get Bluetooth connectivity in budget soundbars. It allows easy access to the soundbar, turning it into a stereo speaker when connected to a mobile phone.


Soundbars under $200 would not only sound excellent but also have warranties and guarantees. It provides you peace of mind and shows that their product is good enough for them to stand behind. After all, soundbars should be something you use to enhance your system.

Remote Control

Good soundbars would have a remote or a compatible app. Most soundbars ‘come with a front display panel with physical control buttons. Look for a soundbar that does have this if you want easier setups.

Smart Soundbar

A smart soundbar considerably reduces the work you need to do and the settings you need to optimize. Still, you may not be able to get Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Siri assistant with soundbars under $200. A few soundbars can automatically tune the settings and volume to suit the acoustics of the room.

Final Thoughts

A quick look to remind you that our picks for the best soundbars under 200 in 2021 are:

⇒SAMSUNG HW-R550 2.1ch Soundbar

⇒POLK Audio Signa S-2

⇒Bose Solo 5


⇒Sony HT S350

But the best soundbar under $200, that everyone should seriously consider when buying a soundbar is SAMSUNG HW-R550 2.1ch Soundbar.

( For a better sound experience and some additional premium features, check out our review on the best soundbars under $300)


All of these soundbars are brilliant but the best one among all of them is SAMSUNG HW-R550 2.1ch Soundbar.

If you think that we have missed a soundbar that should be a part of this buyer’s guide for soundbars available under $200, then please write them in the comments below and we will check on them as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)
Which best buy soundbar?
The best buy soundbars for under 200$ in 2021 are: ⇒SAMSUNG HW-R550 2.1ch Soundbar ⇒POLK Audio Signa S-2 ⇒Bose Solo 5 ⇒YAMAHA YAS 108 ⇒Sony HT S350
What is the best soundbar?
The best soundbar under for 200$ that everyone should seriously consider when buying a soundbar is SAMSUNG HW-R550 2.1ch Soundbar.
How to choose a soundbar?
These are the most important factors when choosing an affordable budget soundbar: – Size & Placement Consideration – Soundbar Vs Soundbase – Input Connections – Remote Control – Smart Soundbar – Warranty/Guarantee
What is the best buy soundbar for Samsung?
The best buy soundbar for Samsung is SAMSUNG HW-R550 2.1ch Soundbar. It is also the best soundbar under 200$ in 2021.
Which Soundbar is the best buy from Bose?
The best buy soundbar for Bose is Bose Solo 5 Soundbar. It is also one of the best soundbar under 200$ and the best compact size soundbar under 200$ in 2021.
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