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Facebook/Whatsapp/Instagram Servers Down in Pakistan


It’s confirmed that Facebook and its commodities Instagram and Whatsapp Servers are officially down in Pakistan.

That is what we know about it till now.


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Facebook/Instagram/Whatsapp Servers are Down in Pakistan!! Latest News 16th April 2021.


Hello Pakistan, this morning we woke upto the Facebook App showing its last updated time of Facebook 17 hours ago


facebook app not working in pakistan facebook servers down
Facebook App & Web Servers Are Down




With a further investigation, we got to know that Facebook and its other two commodities Instagram and Whatsapp servers are down in Pakistan since this Friday Morning that is 16th April, 2021 are down in Pakistan for many hours.



facebook web not working in pakistan facebook servers down in pakistan
Facebook Web Servers Down in Pakistan



Facebook App and Facebook Web are not working officially in Pakistan. Instagram and Whatsapp are also not working properly in Pakistan. This is confirmed because when we used a VPN to excess these apps, then we were able to use Facebook/Instagram/Whatsapp. This means that the servers are down only for Pakistan or a specific region at least.


facebook servers down and facebook working when using a vpn
Facebook Working When Using a VPN



It is being reported by the Gulf News that this ban was requested by the Pakistani Government due to some security issues. Most probably owing to the rallies earlier this week by a Political Party Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan.


Political Parties have used these social media apps for sharing information and gathering workers for rallies. Due to this, Pakistan Interior Ministry order PTA to block all the social media apps in Pakistan. The order came just before the Jumma Prayers on Friday.


Pakistani Government has used strategic social media bans for many reasons in the past as well.


Final Thoughts For Facebook/Instagram/Whatsapp Services Not Working in Pakistan



Since there is no official statement from Facebook or PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) in this matter. So, we are unable to know that when will the servers be up again.


But some officials from PTA are saying that the servers are down for the Social Media Apps due to “Server Maintenance”


During the Ramadan, when all we can do while waiting for Aftari or Sehri is to use our Cellphones for Facebook/Whatsapp/Instagram. This can be our chance to make the most of our time from this Ramadan by praying rather than using our cellphones.


But If you are eager to use Facebook/Whatsapp/Instagram then we recommend using a VPN for it.


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