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At Upgrade & Co. we come to work everyday with the passion and commitment to provide a solution for the problems being faced by every Pakistani. Teen Agers are not sure that what can they do with their lives, University Students are not sure about the practicality and credibility of the knowledge being shared to them, degree holders are not getting jobs and are scared of self employment and job holders are not satisfied with their work.

At Upgrade & Co. we are determined to provide a solution for all of them and thus help in the progress of our Beloved Country, Pakistan.


Online Earning in Pakistan

We aim to provide the latest information and complete guideline about online earning opportunities for Pakistanis.


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Online Earning in Pakistan

Complete guides for beginners to experts covering almost all the aspects of modern-day era day to day difficulties.

Coronavirus did hit us hard, and it has had drastic effects on our lives. I think that all of us would agree that the world will never be the same again due to this pandemic.

It has been more than a year now since the coronavirus outbreak, but we are still trying to shake its effect from our lives. While many of us were only watching the corona repercussions from our homes, some people were still working to make us safe from this pandemic. 

Thank You Coronavirus Helpers Pakistan


Despite Pakistan’s weak healthcare system, Pakistan did had a much better fight than most of the developed Western Countries. With a population of almost 230 Million, the total reported cases in Pakistan till January 2021 are nearly 500K, and coronavirus death tool in Pakistan till January 2021 is less than 12K. Compared to the stats of many developed Western countries, all of us Pakistani’s should consider this an outstanding achievement.

But this achievement is only possible because of the utmost bravery and sheer will of our frontline fighters. They are doctors, nurses, medical personnel, security personnel, delivery drivers, pharmacists, grocery store employees, and anyone else who was working to keep us safe. appreciates all of you for your services and commitment by displaying this thank you coronavirus helpers flier on our website. We would also urge every Pakistani to start a #thankyouhelperspakistan trend on Facebook and Twitter to show them how much we value their services and efforts to keep us safe.

You can also use this flyer to download, print, and display this “thank you coronavirus helpers” sign on the window of your home, office and car.

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